Ethical Management

Guiding principles for Paradise Way

Paradise Group's ethical management is in line with
the corporate philosophy of Paradise Way.

We demand high ethical standards from ourselves so we can fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities in addition to economic obligations.
While putting ethical fairness first in our decision-making process, we also include charitable social contributions in our ethical management.
Ultimately, ethical management helps us create a favorable business environment and serves as a foundation for sustainable growth and performance.

Building sustainable management system towards Paradise Way

The goal of ethical management is to achieve Paradise Way by building a sustainable management system.
We create an environment for mutual growth in cooperation with various stakeholders and drive sustainable growth.

Ethical Management Principles

It means ensuring transparency and fairness in work process, legal compliance and accounting practice.
Maintain collaborative labor-management relations based on human respect and pursue an open-minded corporate culture.
It means fulfilling corporate social responsibility through social contribution and taking the initiative in environmental protection by incorporating environmental management into corporate practice.

We define three principles to meet the sustainable management TBL (Triple Bottom Line) and to achieve Paradise Way.
They provide important guidelines for all decisions that we make.

  • Transparency

    Transparency means that we ensure transparency and fair practice in our work process, legal compliance and accounting. To fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen and to meet our social expectations, we must deliver profit legitimately and open all information in the process. Along with 'Delivering Value' and 'Synergy' in Paradise Way, 'Transparency' is an essential part of ethical management.

  • Rationality

    We create an open-minded business environment by maintaining labor-management relations with a focus on human respect. To this end, we establish work ethics to help our employees fulfill their responsibilities based on professionalism and a sense of ownership. In addition, we maximize employee values through fair evaluation and compensation, and communication. With the aim of delivering value and fulfilling social responsibility, we are committed to creating GCGW (Good Company Good Workplace) where we foster human respect, synergy and creativity under the vision of Paradise Way.

  • Contribution

    We fulfill our social responsibility through social contribution and incorporate environmental management into our practice to promote environmental protection. As part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program, we focus on 'human respect' and 'synergy' while fulfilling 'social responsibility' and 'ecological sustainability'.

  • Code of Conduct

    Paradise Group promotes specific and codified standards for ethical conduct Employees of Paradise Group use the Paradise Code of Conduct as guidance for ethical conduct and decision-making. In addition, specific work ethics are established and implemented for every affiliate company.

  • Compliance Check Organization

    As a corporate-wide organization to promote ethical management Ethical Management Division is organized in Group Headquarters as well as 'Paradise Ethical Management Practice Network' consisting of the CEO of each affiliate, executive officers and managers. In addition, Paratong is operated as a hotline for counseling on ethical conflict and reporting of unethical conduct.

  • Consensus by Ethics Education

    As part of our efforts to raise awareness of ethical practice at a group-wide level various dissemination activities are carried out including on/offline training, and promotional materials/videos.

The Code of Ethics applies to all stakeholders who have relationship with Paradise, including customers, shareholders, investors, nation, local community, and employees.

  1. 01. Responsibility to customers

    We provide the highest level of emotional experience for our customers with an aim to create values for customers, improve the quality of their lives and pave the way for the future.

  2. 02. Responsibility to shareholders/investors

    We ensure full compliance with local laws and regulations while maximizing corporate and investors’ values through rational and ethical practice.

  3. 03. Responsibility to nation/local community

    With the highest level of creativity and pioneering spirit, we contribute to the sustainable growth and prosperity of our nation and local community.

  4. 04. Responsibility to market/suppliers

    We compete and trade in a transparent and ethical manner in compliance with the principles of a free market.

  5. 05. Responsibility to relations between company and employees/internal employees

    Based on human respect and mutual trust, we establish the value of ethical management and Paradise Way to ensure that everyone treats each other with respect and protects the honor and dignity as part of our organization. In addition, we accomplish the missions given by the company through continuous self-development and with the highest level of ethical awareness and responsibility.

  6. 06. Protection of assets and information

    We will not disclose or provide corporate assets and information, or use them for personal gain without prior approval and authorization.