Paradise Cultural Foundation

We support artists and contribute to the growth of art and culture.

Fostering art, sharing culture and improving quality of life

Paradise Cultural Foundation was established to promote our corporate philosophy of 'paving the way for a better future' and support the culture and art of our country.
Since its establishment in 1989, the Foundation has sponsored talented artists over the years while supporting international collaboration with artists from around the world.
Paradise ZIP, the first cultural center by the Foundation, serves as an open art platform that encompasses variety of genres, including visual art, music and performance.
The Foundation also provides direct support for creators to unleash their potential through a new art concepts. We are committed to introducing art and culture as part of our daily experience and enriching our lives.

Future-oriented art
and cultural hub

As a culture and art foundation with long history and tradition,
Paradise Cultural Foundation leads a meaningful change in society.

Through active support system, we build a comprehensive art infrastructure to help the art and cultural ecosystem progress and function at a higher level.
At the same time, we propose creative and innovative programs that reflect the spirit of the time by leveraging the expertise we have gained over the years.
We believe that our purpose will inspire creators to unleash their potential and more people will experience the power of art and culture.

Explore new areas of culture
and art through unique projects

Comprehensive approach to art and culture, and broad spectrum unattached to any particular genre are what set us apart.
Paradise Art Lab is a project that supports the creation of innovative concepts by combining art and technology.


BaeJongHeon.ZIP : The 4th Spot of Paradise 8 Scenic Views_ Cement mortar form

Paradise Art Lab

We expect future-oriented art forms to be created through free experiments that defy convention. As a trusted supporter of creators, Paradise Art Lab will continue to help them turn their inspiration into art.

Paradise ZIP

Paradise ZIP, planned and operated by Paradise Cultural Foundation,
is a multi-cultural space where people can experience various contents including fine art, design, architecture, and installation as well as musical and stage performances.

Since its opening in 2016, it has introduced works by talented artists creating sensations.
It is expected to grow into an interactive platform for communication and exchange of experience and meet the various needs of art and culture.
Paradise Cultural Foundation will continue to explore new and creative ideas, and deliver world-class contents across genres.

Sincerity and passion for culture
and art as a driving force


Sincerity is what drives the Paradise Cultural Foundation. Rather than focusing on short-term results,
we explore fundamental ways to contribute to the growth of art and culture.
That is why we make long-term investments to create a system and discover new talents and unknown contents rather than offering one-time support.
We will fulfill our social obligations based on our passion for art and culture, not for corporate interests.





Non-verbal Visual Show, The Strange L

Non-verbal Visual Show, The Strange L

Non-verbal Visual Show, The Strange L

Non-verbal Visual Show, The Strange L