Paradise Cultural Foundation

We support artists and contribute to the growth of art and culture.

Fostering the Arts, Sharing Culture, and Enhancing Life's Value

The Paradise Cultural Foundation was founded to bring our corporate philosophy of "Creating a Prosperous Future" to life and to promote the advancement of culture and the arts in South Korea.
Since our establishment in 1989, our projects continue to evolve as we have continued to support talented artists across various cultural and artistic fields and consistently encourage international exchanges among them.
We provide direct support to creators who are pioneering the future of the arts. The Paradise Cultural Foundation aims to integrate culture and the arts into a seamless part of everyday life, thereby enriching lives and contributing to a more vibrant society.

Future-oriented art hub
with diverse culture and the arts

As a cultural foundation steeped in history and tradition,
we lead meaningful changes in the arts and cultural sectors, and more broadly, within Korean society.

We are developing an innovative support system that moves beyond traditional methods, aiming to build a comprehensive art infrastructure that will further mature the cultural and arts ecosystem.
Alongside this, we are actively utilizing our accumulated internal planning capabilities to propose creative and groundbreaking programs that reflect the spirit of the times.
We believe that the Paradise Cultural Foundation will shine as more creators freely showcase their talents and more people experience the power of culture and the arts firsthand.

Pioneering new cultural and artistic scenes
through distinctive planning projects

A comprehensive approach to culture and the arts and a broad spectrum that transcends specific genres are key differentiators for the Paradise Cultural Foundation.



Paradise Art Lab

Paradise Art Lab serves as a venue for exploring the current state of the arts and presenting possibilities for the future, offering enjoyment and surprise through the fusion of art and technology. As a steadfast ally to creators, Paradise Art Lab is committed to providing comprehensive support to bring their challenges to life as tangible artworks. We will continue to engage in interactive activities that foster communication and connection with the public, aiming to create globally impactful content.

Passion and sincerity toward cultural arts
driving our foundation's initiatives


The enduring strength of Paradise Cultural Foundation lies in its authenticity. We continuously contemplate how to contribute to the advancement of culture and the arts, focusing on the essence rather than immediate outcomes. This is why we invest in long-term systems rather than providing short-term support and dedicate ourselves to discovering emerging artists and unexplored content. With a heartfelt passion for culture and the arts, Paradise Group is dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibility, driven not by corporate interests but by a sincere love.

oOps.50656 - Organotopia

oOps.50656 - Organotopia

collective A – Body-Go-Round: round1

collective A – Body-Go-Round: round1

Non-verbal Visual Show, The Strange L

Non-verbal Visual Show, The Strange L