Paradise Way

Paradise Way represents the values and guiding principles we pursue at PARADISE.

Paradise Way, creative energy that trascends life into art

Paradise Way is the principle that guides our approach and conduct as well as the values we pursue.
Paradise Way is the source of our continued growth and innovation.
Paradise Way is the foundation based on which we promote diverse lifestyles and take leisure and culture to the next level.
Paradise Way is aiming to go beyond boundaries and present beauty and inspiration for people as a unique set of values.

Design life AS ART

With creativity and imagination, we promote changes and incorporate art
and science into our practice to improve the quality of living and pave the way for the future.

  • A company that creates

    unmatched dedication and passion towards change and innovation

  • Aesthetics of consilience

    Unique Paradise management system merges different values into one

  • Higher quality of life

    Taking a step further from abundance to pursue a refined customer experience

  • Creating through
    creative imagination
    At Paradise, we do not rely on our past success.
    With a passion for change and innovation, and a pioneering spirit at the core of our identity, we continue to build on a creative outcome. Leveraging creative imagination, we stay ahead and lead the tourism service industry since inception, serving as a foundation for growth of the leisure industry in the era of New Renaissance.
  • Changing paradigm through convergence and consilience
    Our unique management system was developed through the integration of different genres and values.
    Artistic sensitivity is transformed into values that can be implemented through rational thinking. A new paradigm emerges when perspective and a sense of aesthetics meet scientific logic. A company cannot survive without taking steps forward. Under the conventional method of managing business, we cannot move towards the future of our dream. That is why we redesign and innovate our business.
  • From the abundance of life
    to refined values
    At PARADISE, we are committed to going beyond quantitative abundance in pursuit of refining customer experience. The value of service depends on the environment and how it is offered. Happiness or satisfaction cannot be defined by a single criterion. It is crucial to precisely identify the needs of our customers and refine them for a complete experience. By setting the highest standards for ourselves, we will continue to improve quality of life for our customers.

paradise vision

Create special memories with true PARADISE experience

With the aim to grow as “The Destination Creator”, we are strengthening our position as the First Mover in the era of Korean Wave 5.0. In addition to serving as a destination, we are committed to creating special memories and unparalleled experience for our customers. As a creator who sees the world from different perspectives and seeks constant innovation, Paradise aims a destination where your daily life transforms into art and unfolds with beauty and special meaning.

  • Vision


    Korea’s Leading IR Group

  • Slogan


    Turn Your Life into Art

paradise way


  • Human Respect

    Human respect based on service,
    consideration and listening

  • Synergy

    Synergy of communication and cooperation created through conflict and coexistence

  • Creativity

    Creative imagination that can change the world

Human Respect, Synergy and Creativity are our social commitment and guideline that every member of PARADISE is required to comply with. These guiding principles serve as a guide for decision making in our business practice.

  • Human respect based on service, consideration and listening

    At PARADISE, we put people at the heart of our business. The various services we provide are ultimately for people. When every member of PARADISE is respected as an independent personality, that is when we truly meet customers’ needs. Service is the mindset that puts the other person over me while consideration opens your eyes and ears to see their needs. The virtue of service, consideration and listening will take the quality of society to the next level.

  • Synergy of communication and cooperation created through conflict and coexistence

    At PARADISE, we use the synergy created through conflict and convergence between different values as a driving force for innovation. Synergy does not mean only tangible performance or specific outcomes. It is important to harmonize various concepts of art and science, reason and emotion, past and future to create a positive impact. To maximize synergy, a flexible and open-minded organizational culture is essential. The more divergent our perspectives and interests are, the better our communication and cooperation can be. It is not healthy for an organization to have only one perspective and we cannot expect to have any kind of synergy in such an environment.

  • Creative imagination that can change the world

    The key to being creative in management is creating an environment that fosters creativity among members with different talents and competencies. Creativity starts with a high level of expertise. It is not just bold attempts or innovative ideas and must be accompanied by excellence and expert knowledge in the fields. At PARADISE, we encourage talented individuals to reach their full potential. We value meaningful failure as well as a pioneering spirit as an important asset for our organization.

Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations and create values.
To do so, we constantly learn and try to improve at every level. Based on the know-how and experience we accumulate through small and big challenges, we build a strong trust with our customers.

  1. Going beyond customer satisfaction by creating values

    At PARADISE, we create values to exceed customers’ expectation. Creating values for customers starts with recognizing their needs. Identifying and meeting their needs is the key to creating values.

  2. Building trust based on transparency, rationality and contribution

    Building trust is our duty to our customers and stakeholders. In order to strengthen our foundation and grow with the local community, it is important to build trust. With a focus on transparency, rationality and contribution, we allow no compromise.

  3. Great change and innovation starts from small curiosity

    With curiosity, we constantly seek changes. While constantly defying conventional methods, we value how much we try new methods. The passion for change and a pioneering spirit are the driving force for us to stay ahead of our competition.

  4. Rational learning and emotional experience for self-development

    For members of PARADISE, learning means rational learning and emotional experience. While rational learning provides the basis for gaining knowledge and doing one’s job, they identify the emotional needs of customers and discover new values through emotional experience.

  5. Trendsetter of the world

    We share and spread our own initiatives to create a new flow and pursue the level of excellence to set a new standard in the industry. By sharing the way we work and what we discovered in our work process, we become new trendsetters.